Travel Demand Forecasting, Design Traffic

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Data Management

Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

Interchange Access Requests (Including Interchange Justification Requests, Interchange Modification Requests, Interchange Operational Analysis Report, Non-Interchange Access Request)

Macro & Meso Simulation

Land Use Planning, Redevelopment Plans

Traffic Impact Studies

Project Development 

Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Studies

Federal or State Funded Projects

Concept Development

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR), Environmental Assessment (EA), Type II Categorical Exclusions (Type II CE)

Planning Consistency

Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE)

Public Involvement

Traffic Operations 

Microsimulation Evaluation

Traffic Operational Studies

Traffic Safety Studies

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design

Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O)


Major & Minor Roadway Design (3D Design)

Intersection Design/Signalization/Lighting

Signing & Pavement Marking

Drainage Design & Permitting (Flood Protection, Flood Plain Evaluation, BHR, etc.)

Innovative Stormwater Treatment (ELA, Nutrient Evaluation, Regional Ponds, etc.)

Design Build Plan Preparation

Site & Part Development

We recognize that most projects don’t fall neatly into one cateogry. A PD&E study may need planning expertise regarding long-range transportation plan or design experitse regarding drainage issues. At Osiris 9 Consulting, our different departments work together to provide the very best product.