Roadway Design

What We Do


Our Roadway Design team has extensive experience in managing and designing some of the most challenging roadway projects. We are proficient in projects ranging from complex limited access design to pedestrian facilities and intersection improvements.

In particular, our team has demonstrated industry-leading expertise in stormwater design, planning, and permitting to provide the most economical long-term solutions to challenging drainage issues.

Our team has performed work for all FDOT Districts including the Central Office and Florida Turnpike as well as several municipalities within northeast Florida.

Our limited access facility experience within the State of Florida includes roadway projects on I-10, I-95, I-295, I-4, I-275, SR 9B, First Coast Expressway and Veterans Expressway.

Firstcoast Expressway

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Clay, Duval and St. Johns County, FL

Unique fact: This “fast track” project is composed of 46.5 miles of mostly new alignment with 13 new interchanges and over 120 stormwater treatment facilities.

Our team was responsible for managing the SJRWMD and USACE permitting of 46.5 miles of proposed limited access toll facility that includes the St. Johns River Crossing Corridor and the Branan Field-Chaffee Road (SR-23) project. The project was permitted for expansion to an eight-lane interstate facility that will also meet the new state stormwater criteria (draft March 2008) for nitrogen and phosphorus pollutant removal. 

In addition to stormwater management our staff were the Engineer of Record for the Phase 2 North segment which included a four-lane rural limited access facility from Black Creek to Old Jennings Road. Engineering responsibilities included horizontal and vertical roadway design in 3D, MOT and utility adjustments.

Marietta at I-10 Interchange

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Duval County, FL

Unique fact: This project was the first FDOT project in District 2 to obtain a permit utilizing new Florida laws for treating offsite runoff within right-of-way for transportation projects.

Our team was responsible for the drainage design and permitting of the new diamond interchange along I-10 just west of I-295. Our innovative drainage design removed over 5000’ of drainage pipe and dozens of structures. Much of the costs savings resulted from applying HB 599, which allows offsite co-mingling within treatment systems, and from performing a detailed nutrient removal analysis to substantiate our design to the SJRWMD. 

Ultimately, these improvements saved over $2 million, months of construction time, and future maintenance costs for the FDOT and City of Jacksonville.

SR 21 Widening

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Clay County, FL

Unique Fact: The project scope originally included support services to FDOT “In House” design staff, but due to FDOT staffing needs, our team completed final plans for the entire project.

Our staff served as the Project Manager and Engineer of Record for the roadway and permitting of SR 21 from the Black Creek Bridge to Allie Murray Road from a 4-lane rural to 6-lane urban arterial roadway. Our design responsibilities included roadway design, horizontal and vertical geometry, MOT, Drainage Collection System, Pond Siting, Stormwater Treatment Facilities, USACOE & SJRWMD Permitting, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Lighting, and Quality Control.