What We Do


Our Planning Team helps states, regions, counties, and cities develop a long-term vision for its future. The planning process is incredibly diverse and includes land use, transportation, environmental policy, legislation, finance, and public involvement. We bring these diverse elements together, help communities set a long-term vision, and provide the necessary tools and policies to bring that vision to life. 

We examine socio-demographic characteristics and travel patterns for a given area, evaluate how these characteristics will change over a given period of time and evaluate improvements for the transportation system

Our projects vary from a three-block study area to 200-mile corridor. Regardless of size, our process for analyzing travel characteristics and engaging the public and various stakeholders remains the same.

Our team has performed public involvement for FDOT Districts 1, 2, 4, and 5

Our team has analyzed over 300 miles of interstate roadway and 30 interchanges