Why Young Engineers Love to Work for Us

At Osiris 9 Consulting, we combine the collaborative environment of a small firm with the talent and expertise of a firm many times our size. We see young engineers as our most valuable resources and place priority on their development. As a result, interns and recent graduates at Osiris 9 are given the opportunity to be mentored by leading engineers within the State of Florida, to work on the most technical projects, and to make the contribution that matters every day. 

Quotes from Internship Exit Interviews

“Interning at Osiris 9 for two consecutive summers has been instrumental to my professional development. Unlike many other internship programs, Osiris 9 expects their interns to provide real value for the company by treating them more as a full-time employee than an intern. This provides the intern with an exciting opportunity to work on some of the coller aspects of the project that traditionally are reserved for more senior level staff at competing firms.”
Alex Wu, UF, Summers '19 & '20

“I love that the relationships with my coworkers extend beyond the office! This makes our team dynamics so much stronger.” 
Steven Weatherford, UNF, Fall '20

“Osiris 9 Consulting is a unique company because I am around more experienced professionals who care about my success. Other companies tend to look at new hires as expendable but at Osiris 9 Consulting, professionals were able to pass on their skills and their own experiences on what made them successful.”

“As an intern at Osiris 9 Consulting, what I enjoyed most was the people I was working alongside. Employees at Osiris 9 Consulting care about their clients and work hard to make sure we are producing quality projects. We also like to have fun when we aren’t working by playing golf and going out to eat. My co-workers have taught me what it means to be a successful professional and have passed on valuable advice to me concerning my career.”

“Osiris 9 is unique in that it is a relatively small firm but is still capable of remaining competitive with large firms. This is due to the fact that every member of the team possesses a unique and valuable skill set and our team combined has many years of experience.”