We are looking for the best and the brightest employees. 

And our committment to those employees goes beyond salary and benefits. We want to hire, develop, and advance the best civil engineers in the area so they can do excellent work that matters for the world around them. 

Today, too many engineers are working for employers that aren’t actively developing them. This leaves highly talented engineers feeling like they must settle for being stuck in a job that doesn’t care about their growth. 

We believe no engineer should have to settle for a work environment that doesn’t develop them. 

Our team memebers apply their skill sets to design and plan some of the most remarkable infrustructure in the state with teammades who care about them as people, not resources. 

Strengths-Based Coaching

We recognize that each member of our team brings different strengths and weaknesses, and we apply a strengths-based coaching approach to foster the growth of our young engineers. We are intentional about placing each of our employees in an area where they are able to grow, excel, and enjoy their daily work. 


Winning & Growing

We are a winning and rapidly growing firm still in the founding stage. We have doubled in size several years in a row, and we have continued to grow even though the adversity of COVID in 2020. Even our newly added Traffic Operations group has already won its first project.