Traffic Operations

What We Do

Our Traffic Operations team provides a safe, sustainable, integrated, and efficient transportation system to enhance mobility and safety for all modes of travel. Traffic operations involves the design and implementation of signs, signals, pavement markings, lighting, work zone safety and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Other services include traffic operational and safety studies, improving access along roadway, conducting road safety audits and completing complex traffic microsimulations to evaluate roadway concepts and alternatives.

Areas of Expertise Include

Traffic Operational Studies

Safety Studies

Traffic Data Collection

Access Management

Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination

Advanced Traffic Simulation (VISSIM, Aimsun, Visum, TransCad)

Travel Demand Modeling

Asset Management (GIS Mapping and Inventory)

Corridor Studies and Operational Analysis

Road Safety Audits

Traffic Circulation Studies

Highway Lighting Design

Performance Measures Evaluation

Intelligent Transportation Systems Design

ITS Master Plans

Fiber and Wireless Communications Design

Traveler Information Systems Design


Systems Engineering & ConOps Development

Districtwide Traffic Operations / Safety Studies Contract

Client: FDOT Districts 2 & 5

Location: Districtwide, FL

Our team members served as the Engineer-of-Record for over 200 traffic operational and safety studies for several FDOT Districts. Under multiple on-call Districtwide contracts, which focused on assisting FDOT in addressing Citizens’ concerns and complaints, our team completed traffic operational evaluations and studies for speed, lighting justification, mid-block crossing, safe curve speed, turn lanes, left turn phase warrants, signal warrant studies for new signal requests, and concept design etc. Through internal and external team collaboration, we ensured the results achieved were viable and constructible.

City of Jacksonville Signals & Timing On-Call Contract

Client: City of Jacksonville

Location: Duval County, FL

Our team served as the Engineer-of-Record for this on-call contract that provided traffic signal design, signal retiming studies and implementation, and traffic studies across various locations in Jacksonville, FL. Under this contract, we designed more than 30 signals on state and local roadways, completed over 10 corridor retiming projects, and maintained, cleaned, and inventoried around 650 traffic signals.

All retiming projects achieved a Benefit-Cost ratio of at least 12:1, indicating a benefit of 12 times the cost spent for the project, which is significant for the local agency. Over 40 Task Work Orders totaling up to $6 Million were executed and managed under this 5-Year contract.

Southside Blvd. and Gate Parkway Simulation

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Duval County, FL

Our team completed the evaluation of several complex geometrical improvements proposed at the intersections of:

  • SR 115 (Southside Blvd.) and Deerwood Park Blvd.
  • SR 115 (Southside Blvd.) and Gate Pkwy., and
  • SR 115 (Southside Blvd.) and US 90 (Beach Blvd.)

Using VISSIM microsimulation operational analysis, we evaluated the operational performance of several innovative intersection treatments (displaced left turns, quadrant intersection, and U-turn interchange) when compared with the existing geometric conditions. Operational improvements realized with these concepts were presented to pubic using simulation videos and Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) compiled from VISSIM.