Are You Being Actively Developed?

Here’s the Problem.

(And What We’re Doing About it)

Too many engineers are working for employers that aren’t actively developing them to become excellent. This leaves highly talented engineers feeling like they must settle for being stuck at a job that doesn’t care about their growth.

We believe that no engineers should have to settle for work environments that don’t develop them.

That’s why Osiris 9 Consulting is committed to hiring, developing, and advancing the best civil engineers in the area, so they can do excellent work that matters for the world around them.

Our team members apply their skill sets to design and plan some of the most remarkable infrastructure in the state with teammates who care about them as people, not resources.

We believe no one should have to settle for just okay. From the work we do to the teams we build, we don’t stop until they’re excellent.

Our Culture
Whether we are submitting a project at the deadline or conquering the local charity mud run, we are committed to working hard and having fun – together. There is a tangible team atmosphere at Osiris 9, and we work together to win the best projects and to produce the best results for our clients.


Why Young Engineers Love To Work For Us

At Osiris 9 Consulting, we combine the collaborative environment of a small firm with the talent and expertise of a firm many times our size. We see young engineers as our most valuable resource and place priority on their development. As a result, interns and recent graduates at Osiris 9 are given the opportunity to be mentored by leading engineers within the State of Florida, to work on the most technical projects, and to make a contribution that matters every day.

Strengths Based Coaching

We recognize that each member of our team brings different strengths and weaknesses, and we apply a strengths-based coaching approach to foster the growth of our young engineers. We are intentional about placing each of our employees in an area where they are able to grow, excel, and enjoy their daily work.

Winning & Growing

We are a winning and rapidly growing firm still in the founding stage

  • Doubled in size for four years in a row
  • Winning record – we won 9 projects straight in 2019

Full-Time Benefits

Competitive base salary with extra pay for overtime billable hours

Top tier medical, dental, and vision package – zero monthly premium with coverage included for entire family

SIMPLE IRA with company match

Annual performance bonuses

Adaptable paid time off

Up to one week paid time off for community service

Substantial company investment in your training

Regular company outings

Internship Benefits

Competitive base salary with extra pay for overtime billable hours

Substantial company investment in your training

Regular company outings

Current Openings

Entry Level Design Engineer
(Roadway & Drainage)

  • Under the oversight of senior level staff, engineering design including 3D geometric design of freeways, highways and streets.
  • Develop conceptual roadway, interchange and intersections, using alternative methods at times, to improve capacity and LOS.
  • Develop flood abatement and stormwater treatment through innovative measures such as stormwater harvesting, compensatory treatment, regional stormwater facilities and maximizing existing drainage systems.

Internship (Transportation)

  • Under the oversight of senior level staff, introduced to engineering design including 3D geometric design of freeways, highways, drainage collection systems and stormwater management facilities.
  • Use a variety of data sources / standards, Internet, documents, reports and surveys to facilitate transportation development and analysis.
  • Under the oversight of senior level staff, introduced to capacity analysis of freeways, interchanges, arterials and intersections using Highway Capacity Software / Synchro.

Testimonials from Previous Interns

“Interning at Osiris 9 for two consecutive summers has been instrumental to my professional development. Unlike many other internship programs, Osiris 9 expects their interns to provide real value for the company by treating them more as a full-time employee than an intern. This provides the intern with an exciting opportunity to work on some of the cooler aspects of the project that traditionally are reserved for more senior level staff at competing firms.”

Alex Wu, UF

Summers ’19 & ‘20

“I love that the relationships with my coworkers extend beyond the office! This makes our team dynamic so much stronger.”

Steven Weatherford, UNF

Fall ‘20

“Osiris 9 Consulting is a unique company because I am around more experienced professionals who care about my success. Other companies tend to look at new hires as expendable but at Osiris 9 Consulting, professionals were able to pass on their skills and their own experiences on what made them successful.”

“As an intern at Osiris 9 Consulting, what I enjoyed most was the people I was working alongside. Employees at Osiris 9 Consulting care about their clients and work hard to make sure we are producing quality projects. We also like to have fun when we aren’t working by playing golf and going out to eat. My co-workers have taught me what it means to be a successful professional and have passed on valuable advice to me concerning my career.”

“Osiris 9 is unique in that it is a relatively small firm but is still capable of remaining competitive with large firms. This is due to the fact that every member of the team possesses a unique and valuable skill set and our team combined has many years of experience.”