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A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study is an environmental and engineering process developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to determine social, economic, natural and physical environmental impacts associated with a proposed transportation improvement project.

The process follows procedures set forth in the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and federal and state laws and regulations. It requires the combined efforts of professional engineers, planners and scientists who collect and analyze project-related information to develop the best solution for transportation needs.

Public involvement is a key component of this process and various meetings are held with businesses, interested keyholders, community groups, traveling public, homeowners and the general public to receive input on the project.

We Have Completed 40 PD&E Studies for Clients Including:

  • Federal Highway Administration

  • Federal Transit Administration

  • Florida Department of Transportation

We have completed a study covering every class of action including:

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR)

Environmental Assessment (EA)

Type 2 Categorical Exclusion

Type 1 Categorical Exclusion

Non-Major State Action

SR 78 PD&E Study

Client: FDOT District 1

Location: Lee County, FL

Our team was responsible for performing a PD&E study to evaluate the widening of SR 78 (at I-75 to SR 31) from two to four lanes. Other improvements included drainage, bridge widening, access management, traffic operations, safety, and the addition of a shared use path.

Osiris 9 Consulting developed conceptual widening alternatives, drainage improvements, an access management plan, and intersection improvements as well as writing the Preliminary Engineering Report, Project Traffic Analysis Report and Type 2 Categorical Exclusion.

SW 62nd PD&E Study

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Alachua County, FL

Our team completed this PD&E study for SW 62nd St, a proposed new two-lane roadway connecting SW 43rd Street/Clark Butler Boulevard to SW 52nd Street near Interstate 75. Once completed, the project will provide an additional north-south roadway between two existing major east-west arterials: SW Archer Road (SR 24) and SW 20th Avenue.

Osiris 9 Consulting completed the Project Development and Environment Study including writing the Preliminary Engineering Report, Categorical Exclusion Type 2 Document, and holding the Public Hearing. There were no major issues during the Public Hearing and the project was approved by Office of Environmental Management in July 2018.

US17 PD&E Study

Client: FDOT District 2

Location: Nassau County, FL

Our team conducted an Intersection Control Evaluation for the stop-controlled intersection of US 17 at William Burgess Boulevard. Proposed intersection alternatives which were evaluated included a typical signalized intersection, a partial Median U-Turn (MUT), and a hybrid Quadrant/MUT intersection.

The evaluation for each alternative included delay, safety benefits, construction and right-of-way costs, and benefit-cost ratio. Osiris 9 completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the ICE process and the analysis was approved by FDOT in November 2020.