Current Open Positions

Project Manager/Deputy Project Manager (Roadway & Drainage)

This is an opportunity to manage a growing group of young engineers to successfully complete a wide variety of projects for the FDOT and other municipalities. Projects may include roadway design, flood protection, regional drainage solutions, bicycle trails, intersection design, and a variety of other projects. You will be supported by industry leaders in Project Development, Planning, Roadway Design, and Traffic Operations.

Entry Level Design Engineer (Roadway & Drainage)

Your education has taught you the fundamentals of engineering and has introduced you to many disciplines and skills within the Civil Engineering profession. Now it’s time to apply those fundamentals toward the completion of real world projects. This position is an opportunity to make a significant contribution on a variety of engineering design projects, to discover your strengths, and to develop expertise under the daily mentorship of leading design engineers in the State of Florida.

Internship (Transportation)

If you are like most engineering students, your coursework has shown you the breadth of career paths available to you within the Civil Engineering industry. This internship position is your opportunity to test out your career in Transportation Planning or Design and to gain project experience. As an intern at Osiris 9 Consulting, you will be integrated into a project team and will develop Transportation Planning or Design skills through a combination of daily coaching and the completion of real project work. See our Internship Page to read about the experience of past interns.