Civil Engineering, Planning, & Design

Because Growing Cities Deserve Excellent Roadways.

Improving Mobility for All Users While Protecting the Environment 

Who Are We?

What Do We Do?

We are engineers, planners, scientists, and public involvement specialists. Each of us brings a unique set of experiences and viewpoint. We work together as a team and use our skills and experiences to solve some of the most complex transportation problems. We try to improve the quality of life for all users.

Why Clients Choose Osiris 9

Experts in Multiple Transportation Related Fields

  • We are subject matter experts in multiple Transportation related fields.
    • Innovative permitting and drainage solutions
    • Expert traffic modeling, project development, and public involvement

Specialists in Highly Complex Projects

We have a reputation for delivering the most challenging projects. FDOT counts us as a trusted partner.

Highly Collaborative Across Areas of Expertise

We combine our expertise in multiple fields with a highly collaborative work environment to iteratively generate the best traffic-based solutions and accelerate projects from planning through design.

Emphasis on Recruiting & Mentoring Talent

Our vision is sustainable. We invest heavily in recruiting and mentoring talented young engineers.